Ductile iron pipe

  • Diameters from DN80 to DN2000
  • Drinking water, sewage or treated waters
  • Classes K and C
  • Easy assembly
  • Maximum reliability
  • Manufacture under an strict quality control according
    to EN545, ISO2531, EN598 and ISO7186 standards.


Ductile iron is an alloy composed of iron, carbon and silicon. During the manufacturing process magnesium is added, in order to achieve that the graphite no longer appears in form of layers, but precipitates in a spherical shape, thus avoiding the possibility of a lineal propagation of cracks in the material and improving its mechanical resistance. Also, unlike pipes manufactured from steel plates, ductile iron pipes do not have any welded joint, resulting in a much resistant pipe.

In the 70s, the use of the ductile iron pipes almost replaced the old grey cast iron, which has lower resistance and is liable to fracture. During those years, important technical solutions have been developed with the objective to adapt to the different requirements that can appear in the installation of the pipelines, and currently, the application field of ductile iron is wide, its excellent mechanical properties make their use extend to the networks of drinking water, irrigation and sewage supplies in a large part of the world.

qualities and properties

Ductile iron keeps the traditional qualities of cast iron:

· Compression resistance
· Malleability
· Abrasion resistance
· Option to mechanize
· Fatigue resistance

In addition, the graphite spheroidal shape gives it with excellent mechanical properties:

· Tensile strenght
· Impact resistance
· High elastic limit
· Good elongation

Ductile iron is a recyclable material. It keeps the properties and quality unaltered and follows a manufacturing process that is respectful with the environment.

Ductile iron pipes advantages

  • Can be installed with poorly maintained trench fillings or in unstable terrains.
  • High internal pressure and external loads resistance.
  • Resistant to extreme thermal changes.
  • Supports pressures of more than the double the admissible working pressure.
  • Do not lose stiffness over time.
  • Several studies about the earthquakes effects on the drinking water network shows that the damage ratio per km of the ductile iron pipe is a quarter of that for a grey cast iron and a third of that for other types of pipes.
  • The internal and external coatings form an active protection of the pipe. Mafusa offers a complete range of external coatings to cover all cases of corrosive soils and also counts with different types of inner coatings suitable to the aggressiveness of the carried waters.
  • They have a high resistance to incrustations and the inner coatings protects against the formation of iron layers. Therefore, they remove the long term reduction of the inner diameter.
  • Little affected by soil corrosion, providing long lifespan.
  • The pipe toughness, along with their coatings, provides it with an excellent resistance to impacts. This minimizes the risk of damage to the pipe during the installation and buffer the effects of water hammer in case it occurs.
  • In large pipelines that cross different types of terrains, it can occur events of electrochemical nature. To avoid these problems, the ductile iron pipes have an external coating of metallic zinc with a layer of bituminous paint or synthetic resin and an internal coating of cement mortar. It also helps in this case the fact that the gaskets are insulating to electricity. Other coatings with a higher degree of protection are also available on request.
  • The flexible joints adapt to terrain movement and limit the longitudinal stress.
  • Mafusa gaskets design guarantee a simple and fast assembly, service working reliability and tightness of the pipeline, preventing the creation of weak points along the network and guaranteeing a durable and correct functioning.
  • No maintenance required
  • Thanks to their easy assembly, the joints can be carried out by any operator, it is not necessary to use welding equipment.

To guarantee the constant quality level that this market demands, at Mafusa we manufacture our ductile iron pipes
under a strict quality control system according to the European standards EN-545, and international ISO-2531 and
our gaskets according to EN-681-1 and ISO-4633.

At Mafusa we are aware that usually, the water pipelines projects signify large investments. That is why we offer an
individual, professional and reliable service, always looking for the best solution for each customer and for each
project, and taking into account the circumstances to, as far as possible, optimize the cost.