Mafusa is a Spanish company focused in the manufacturing and distribution of water channelling products. We offer a personal, professional and reliable service, always looking for the best solution for each customer and project.

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Constant research

With an experience of over 2 decades, our company is formed by a highly qualified technical team that is commit- ted to innovations from the knowledge of the industry and the work, being in continuous research of new systems and products related with water distribution. Our capacity to adapt to changes, has allowed us to challenge in different environments and to face new challenges caused by the current globalized context.


We work nationally and internationally

At national level we work with the main production companies and distributors of water, as well as with the most important constructors, and at the international level we work with countries in Latin America, Europe and Africa.

Our product

The main product of our company is the ductile iron pipe. We have a range of diameters that covers from DN80 to DN2000, including the old K classes and the new C-30 / C-40 / C-50 / etc. according the EN545 and ISO2531 standards. We also have ductile iron pipes for sewage in a pressure corresponding to standards EN598-2009 and ISO7186.

Accessories and Valves

In addition, we have developed a whole range of fittings and valves, according to the standards EN545/ISO 2531
and EN10741/2, respectively, that it is possible to check in this website and which seeks to provide a complement
of quality to the pipes, with the best possible price.

Quality control

As a company, we are awarded with the ISO9001 standard, and all the Mafusa products have been manufactured under a strict quality control, complying with the most demanding European and International standards.