Simple jet water meter composite


Technical data

  • Magnetic transmission
  • Dry type
  • Residential use
  • From DN15 to DN40
  • Designed to comply with the requirements of the directive 2004/22 / EC on measuring instruments, as well as with the European standard EN14154 + A1 + A2: Meters, the International Organization for Legal Meteorology OIML R-49: 2006 (E): Meters for water measurement cold and hot.



  • All materials in contact with water are corrosion resistant.
  • The best and most reliable composite has been used to ensure strength and longevity.
  • Rotary reading indicator with eight digits and a dial with a needle.
  • The turbine is the only moving part in contact with water.
  • Magnetic protection against external influences.
  • External calibration for greater ease.


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