Woltman water meter


Technical data

  • Magnetic transmission
  • Dry type
  • Industrial and irrigation use
  • From DN40 to DN500.
  • Designed to comply the requirements of the directive 2004/22 / EC on measuring instruments, as well as with the European standard EN14154.



  • All materials in contact with water have a high degree of corrosion resistance.
  • Ductile iron body with internal and external epoxy coating.
  • The indicator register is rotable to find the most comfortable reading position.
  • The reading mechanism is interchangeable, it can be easily removed and replaced without removing the counter from the pipeline.
  • It can be installed in any position, horizontal, vertical or inclined.
  • Low pressure drop
  • It is not affected by external magnetic fields.
  • Pre-installation for pulse output consists of a plastic encapsulating with a Reed Switch and a 1.5m cable with a black and a red filament.
    → Electrical characteristics:
    V max = 24 AC / DC – I max = 0.01 A
    → Pulse emitter capacity:
    Measure m3/ pulse
    DN40 a DN125 0.1 1
    DN150 a DN200 1 10
    DN250 a DN500 10 100


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